Is there another Llanishen in South Wales?

Where was the Round Park?

Why did Lloyd George visit the Church Inn?

Did the landlord of the Church Inn make coffins?

Where did the village blacksmith live?

Where were Llanishen’s almshouses?

Did Llanishen have a village green?

Where were The Nook and Nursery Cottage?

What does ‘Fidlas’ mean?

Where was Woodside Hill?

Where was the first Baptist Sunday School in the village?

How many lambs did John Trickey rear in 1869?

Where was the Fancy Dress Football Match held in 1899?

Why are two Scotsmen buried in Llanishen churchyard?

Who murdered a baby on a Llanishen train?

Who were the Nine Giants?

Why is the Glider Field so called?

Where was the first school in Llanishen?

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