Those Who Returned

In 1919, there was a "Welcome Home" reception for the men of Llanishen and Lisvane who had returned home from the Great War. A list of those survivors was made and is replicated below:

George Adams; Wood Cottage, Lisvane Road

H.R. Ainsley; Tyne Holm, Lake Road East

H. Arnold; Boscobel, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

Arthur Ayliffe; The Elms, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

Tom Ayliffe; The Elms, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

T.J. Babb; Heath Kennels Cottages, Heath Park Avenue

H. Bache; Beechley, Fidlas Road

F.S. Barnard; Heathcote, Heath Park Avenue

E.B. Barnett; Trevethen, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

Claude Beer; 1 Kimberley Road

Cyril Beer; 1 Kimberley Road

E.W. Bennett; The Mount, Cefn Coed Road

Mr. Berks; The Shop, Fidlas Road

T.G. Bonnyman; Newlands, Station Road

J. Boulton; Yew Tree Cottage, Fidlas Road

A.E. Bowden; Chapel Cottages, Caerphilly Road

Harry Breakspear; Ty Llwyd, Lisvane Road

C. Broome; Heath Kennels Cottages, Heath Park Avenue

J. Broome; Heath Kennels Cottages, Heath Park Avenue

G.H. Buchanan; Seafield, Station Road

J.W. Buckner; Heath Farm, Birchgrove Road

Mr. Burgess; Ashleigh, Fidlas Road

F. Burns; 15 Kimberley Road

John Callan; Chapel Cottage, Thornhill

V. Care; Penolver, Heath Park Avenue

W.F. Charles, Glanhafren, Lisvane Road

Claude Childs; Dulverton, Lisvane Road

Kingsley Childs; Dulverton, Lisvane Road

A. Churchis; 4 Kimberley Road

G.B. Clarke; 7 Whitchurch Road

J. Clayton; Heath Lodge, Heath Park Avenue

R. Constantine; Kenilworth, Cefn Coed Road

G. Cook; Church Cottages, Heol Hir

John H. Cook; Church Cottages, Heol Hir

Mr. Cooks; Westfield, Fidlas Road

Leigh Cox; The Croft, Lisvane Road

E. Croft; Rose Cottage, Fidlas Road

R. Crossman; 18 Melbourne Road

W. Crossman; 18 Melbourne Road

F.A.E. Crouch; 14 Melbourne Road

H. Davies; Strathlyn, Lake Road East

K. Davies; 13 Melbourne Road

Percy Davies; Yew Tree Cottage, Lisvane Road

Thomas Davies; Yew Tree Cottage, Lisvane Road

W. Davies; 13 Melbourne Road

W.J. Davies; Ty Gwyn, Lake Road East

Walter Davies; Ivy Cottage, Fidlas Road

A.E. deLucovich; Llanishen House, Heol Hir

C. Denglo; Capel Gwilym Cottage, Caerphilly Road

E.G. Donne; 4 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

E.L. Donne; Park End

H.C. Downing; Beverley, Lisvane Road

Albert Dunn; Nursery Cottage, Heol Hir

E. Dunn; Bronwydd, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

A. Dyer; 8 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

David Evans; Bute Cottage, Lisvane Road

Duncan Evans; Rocklease, Fidlas Road

Wilfred Evans; 7a Kimberley Road

R. Fargher; Ivydeane, Fidlas Road

George Fisher; Aeron Villa, Fidlas Road

E.J. Flindt; Western, Lake Road West

J.G. Flindt; Western, Lake Road West

E.S. Foden; Vellore Cottage, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

W.C. Fowler; St. Heliers, Fidlas Road

Thomas Fry; Church Farm, Lisvane Road

F. Fussell; Bryngwyn, Station Road

Capt. Gadsby; The Garth, Lisvane Road

G. Gadsby; Lynton, Fidlas Road

C.W. Gardner; Rose Villa, Station Road

D.J. Gardiner; Fairfield, Station Road

G.G. Gardiner; Gladwyn, Station Road

G. Gaskell; St. Brides, Station Road

John Gaskell; 5 Fair Oak Road

E.W. Gibbon; Brynnant, Fidlas Road

L. Gill; 14 Kimberley Road

H.A. Gitsham; Paragon Steam Bakery, Fidlas Road

R.F. Gitsham; Paragon Steam Bakery, Fidlas Road

P. Goodeve; Brook Cottage, Heol Hir

G.H. Gough; Cranleigh, Fidlas Road

T.E. Gray; Hazelmere, Lake Road West

L. Griffiths; Gladwyn, Station Road

G.L. Gunn; Edenhurst, Fidlas Road

H. Gunstone; Avondale, Fidlas Road

G.P. Gunstone; Avondale, Fidlas Road

Thomas Habberly; Dulverton Lodge, Lisvane Road

W. Hailstone; The Mill, Mill Road

A. Halewoods; Woodside, Cefn Coed Road

E.J. Hale; 13 Melbourne Road

J. Hall; Hollydene, Fidlas Road

H.E. Halton; Sandwich, Llanedarne

R.B. Handford; Martletwy, Mill Road

R.W. Handford; Beechcroft, Fidlas Road

H. Hanson; Clonmell, Park End

W.J Harp; Wyndham Terrace

Mr. Harris; The Rise, Station Road

David Hart; Bridge Cottage, Lisvane Road

Jim Hart; Wyndham Terrace

Frank S. Heard; Winecowetts, Lisvane Road

H.M. Heard; Kingsleigh, Fidlas Road

Percy Heath; Spring Meadow, Lisvane Road

J.B.M. Herbert; St Denis, Lisvane Road

W. Horne; 7 Wyndham Terrace

A Horrell; 8 Wyndham Terrace

W. Horrell; 8 Wyndham Terrace

J. Humphreys; Melbourne Road

N.M. Ingledew, Greenway, Lisvane Road

F. James; Fidlas Farm, Fidlas Road

J.M. Jenkins; 11 Kimberley Road

E. Jiles; Hurmans Cottage, Caerphilly Road

E. John; Greenway Cottage, Fidlas Road

A. Jones; Bryn Heylog, Park End

E.C. Jones; Maes-yr-Haf, Cefn Coed Road

H.K. Jones; Maes-yr-Haf, Cefn Coed Road

J. Jones; Pau Lodge, Caerphilly Road

J.M. Jones; Maes-yr-Haf, Cefn Coed Road

J.T. Jones; Melrose, Heath Park Avenue

L.E. Jones; Prestbury, Lake Road West

Trevor Jones; Bryn Heulog, Park End

Mr. King; Fidlas Road

D.C. Kirk; Blair Athol, Lisvane Road

G.J. Kirk; Blair Athol, Lisvane Road

Mr. Knight; Field Cottage, Fidlas Road

S.Y. Knight; Frimley, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

H. Lacey; Chapel Cottages, Caerphilly Road

Selwyn Lacey; Penygroes, Beulah Road

G. Lee; Burnham House, Caerphilly Road

J. Leigh; Inchqueela, Fidlas Road

J.L. Lewis; Ael-y-Bryn, Cefn Coed Road

W. Lewis; Bromfield, Lake Road East

W.H. Lewis; The Parc, Caerphilly Road

C.D. Llewellyn; Ty Draw, Thornhill

H.V. Llewellyn; Ty Draw, Thornhill

T.A. Lobb; 16 Melbourne Road

Henry Locke; Maesyllan, Lisvane Road

G.H. March; Treganna, Mill Road

A. Marshall; Millbrook, Fidlas Road

Mr. Mathews; Nursery Cottage, Heol Hir

Fred Mathews; Fair Oak, Lisvane Road

William Mathews; Fair Oak, Lisvane Road

W. McKee; Burnside, Heol Hir

John Mealins; 3 Wyndham Terrace

Cliff Mees; St. Tudno, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

B. Merchant; Ingleside, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

G. Merchant; Ingleside, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

T.G. Moore; Edendale, Station Road

T.H. Moore; Edendale, Station Road

G.G. Morgan; Woodside, Fidlas Road

J.E. Morgan; Heath Kennels Cottages, Heath Park Avenue

W. Morgan; Heath Kennels Cottages, Heath Park Avenue

F.H. Morse; 10 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

R.T. Morse; Kildare, Fidlas Road

W.H. Moulton; 16 Kimberley Road

Eric Page; address not recorded

Charles Parsons; Bron Aeron, Fidlas Road

William Partridge; St. David's Lodge, Fidlas Road

W.J. Paul; The Limes, Station Road

Mr. Pearce; Farringham, Heath Park Avenue

A.L. Perry; Arundel Villa, Fidlas Road

C.W. Perry; Arundel Villa, Fidlas Road

Llewellyn Perry; Arundel Villa, Fidlas Road

R. Phillips; 3 Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

J. Pinnel; Tanner's Cottage, Caerphilly Road

Mr. Porter; Chapel Cottages, Caerphilly Road

G.H. Porter; Newlands Cottage, Fidlas Road

A.J. Povey; Sandwich, Llanedarne

Arthur Pranchard; The Garage, Ty Gwyn, Lisvane Road

C.K.A. Proctor; Homeleigh, Park End

E. Proctor; Homeleigh, Park End

C.E.G. Prosser; Heathfield, Fidlas Road

Lewis Prosser; 8 Kimberley Road

Mr. Puddicombe; Merchiston, Fidlas Road

Sidney Pugh; Brynhyfryd Cottage, Lisvane Road

H. Rees; The Elms, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

Thomas Rees; The Elms, Lisvane Road

Owen Reynolds; Belmont, Fidlas Road

E.R. Richards; Nursery Cottage, Heol Hir

Hugh Roberts; Elm Cottage, Fidlas Road

David Rogers; Church House, Lisvane Road

Mr. Russell; Brychan, Fidlas Road

G. Russell; 12 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

H.G. Sainsbury; 15 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

R.A. Sconle; The Kennels, Caerphilly Road

J.P. Smith; Brookfield, Park End

W. Smith; Mount Cottage, Fidlas Road

H.T. Sparkes; Glan-y-Dwr, Lake Road West

R.D. Sparkes; Glan-y-Dwr, Lake Road West

A. Stephens; 3 Kimberley Road

D.W. Stephens; 3 Kimberley Road

Thomas Stephens; 3 Kimberley Road

George Strange; Wride Cottage, Fidlas Road

William Tarr; Wood Cottage, Lisvane Road

J. Taylor; Bridge Cottage, Lisvane Road

S.M. Taylor; Rose Mount, Station Road

A. Tatchell; Pendennis, Fidlas Road

Emrys H. Thomas; Ty Nant, Lisvane Road

Rhys C. Thomas; Ty Nant, Lisvane Road

W. Thomas; Nythfan, Melbourne Road

D.E. Treharne; Wrangbrook, Lisvane Road

Ed Turner; Ashdale, Fidlas Road

E.E. Turner; Moira Villa, Melbourne Road

Huxley Turner; Ty Gwyn, Lisvane Road

E.H. Tutton; Gwendre, Fidlas Road

A.J. Viggers; Bridge View, Fidlas Road

W.J. Walters; Hillside, Thornhill

W.J. Washer; Bradstow, Lake Road East

Mr. Watkins; 6 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

Edgar Watkins; Llwyndu, Fidlas Road

Harry Watkins; Llwyndu, Fidlas Road

G. Wells; Cherry Orchard, Thornhill

P.C. Wells; The Pines, Lisvane Road

J. West; Mill Road

J. Wheeler; Westfield, Fidlas Road

H. Whitehead; Beechley, Fidlas Road

H. Whittaker; Church Inn, Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

G. Wilfred; Innisfallen, Fidlas Road

A.W. Wilkins; Chapel Cottages, Caerphilly Road

H. Wilkins; Church Cottages, Heol Hir

B. Williams; Gwawr Fryn, Lisvane Road

C. Williams; Gwawar Fryn, Lisvane Road

E.L. Williams; Coniston, Cefn Coed Road

D.J. Williams; Hazelhurst, Fidlas Road

G. Williams; 4 Wyndham Terrace

H.L. Williams; Brynwrddu, Thornhill

Harold C. Williams; Glandwr, Heol Hir

Hubert R. Williams; 6 Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

Ivor Williams; Nythfan, Melbourne Road

L. Williams; Gwawr Fryn, Lisvane Road

Reg. W. Williams; Glandwr, Heol Hir

T.R. Williams; Ty Graig, Heol Hir

W.G. Williams; 5 Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)

H. Wonson; 10 Kimberley Road

A. Wooding; School House, Heol Hir

R. Workman; Islwyn, Fidlas Road

W.G. Wright; 10 Hickmott Terrace, Caerphilly Road

C. Wynn; Hollydene, Fidlas Road

G.H. Wyatt; Chapel Cottages, Caerphilly Road

E. Yapp; 7 Church Terrace (Llanishen Village)