Joseph Patrick Deehan


Gunner; Royal Marine Artillery

Died: 7th March 1916, Ireland

Joseph Patrick Deehan was born on 29th August 1885 in County Kerry, Ireland; which was then part of Great Britain. He enlisted in and served with the Royal Marine Artillery prior to the Great War and upon his discharge joined the Glamorgan Constabulary. He served as a police constable at Llanishen Police Station before the war and would have been a familiar bobby.

When war broke out he rejoined the colours and was sent back to the Royal Marine Artillery, serving near Ostend with the Royal Naval Air Service's Armoured Car unit.

At some point during his service he became seriously ill, and was sent to Londonderry Hospital where he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Discharged from the Navy, he died at the hospital on 7th March 1916 and is buried in Londonderry. His name is also commemorated on the smaller wooden memorial in the South Porch of St Isan's, a testament perhaps to a fondness for the local bobby who had come across from the Emerald Isle.